Nakazato Taroemon Kiln Karatsu Kenjo Tea Bowl


Nakazato Taroemon Kiln Karatsu Kenjo Tea Bowl

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Diameter about 12.5cm
Height about 6.6cm
Box: wooden box

<Dedication Karatsu>
It is a general term for Karatsu ware that was made in the Karatsu clan's official kiln and presented to the shogun family and high families.
The kenjo karatsu ware fired at the Tojinmachi Ochaya kiln is semi-porcelain and has the color of eggs, and many of them are painted in ink painting style with gosu and iron paints.
At this time, Tarouemon Kiln has reprinted a new version of "Kenjo Karatsu", such as a plate that arranged Kenjo Karatsu in a modern style.

Nakazato Taroemon Pottery is a pottery that has inherited the tradition of Karatsu ware for more than 420 years from the first Matashichi Nakazato to the current Taroemon Nakazato 14th.
During the Edo period, he served as the official kiln for the Karatsu domain, and the Tojinmachi Ochawan kiln that was used at that time is still preserved on the kiln site as a national historic site.
Muan Nakazato (12th generation Taroemon Nakazato) was recognized as an important intangible cultural property holder of Karatsu ware (Living National Treasure) for his achievements in reviving Karatsu ware, which had been discontinued since the Meiji period. Taroemon) was appointed as a member of the Japan Art Academy in recognition of his highly artistic works that incorporate colors and decorations that were not found in conventional Karatsu ware.
Currently, the 14th Taroemon Nakazato is creating a new modern Karatsu ware.

This work is carefully made one by one by craftsmen using the carefully selected soil from the Taroemon kiln.

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