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Karatsu ware is said to have started as a product of firing on the territory of the Hata clan, lords of Kishitake Castle, from the end of the Muromachi period to the Momoyama period. Later, when Toyotomi Hideyoshi dispatched troops to Korea, he brought back Korean potters, who built kilns and began firing ware in various places, which led to an expansion in the production of Karatsu ware.
With the introduction of techniques from Korea, such as climbing kilns, kick wheels, and glazing techniques, the style and variety of ware increased, and as it was distributed throughout the country, Karatsu ware became one of Japan's representative pottery. It became so famous that in western Japan, pottery is referred to as "karatsumono".
In the world of tea since ancient times, there is a ranking system for tea bowls: "First Ido, second Raku, third Karatsu." These tea bowls have been loved by many tea masters as masterpieces of the tea ceremony, and during the Edo period, Ido developed as the official kiln for the Karatsu domain.
By inheriting the techniques of our predecessors, which have been cultivated over a long history, and incorporating the new sensibilities of contemporary artists, each kiln has developed its own unique style. This diverse range of expressions, nurtured by tradition and innovation, is the charm of Karatsu ware that captivates fans around the world.

    1157 products
    田中孝太 作 斑ぐい呑
    田中孝太 作 朝鮮唐津ぐい呑2
    田中孝太 作 黒唐津盃
    田中孝太 作 朝鮮唐津盃
    田中孝太 作 黒唐津茶碗
    十四代中里太郎右衛門 作 唐津ぐい呑2
    十四代中里太郎右衛門 作 斑唐津ぐい呑2
    十四代中里太郎右衛門 作 唐津ぐい呑1
    十四代中里太郎右衛門 作 朝鮮絵唐津皿
    White porcelain chamfered sake bottle by Yoshihisa Ishii No.67
    White Karatsu tea bowl No.16 by Yoshihisa Ishii
    Korean Karatsu Jar No.12 by Yoshihisa Ishii
    Ishii Yoshihisa's Madara Karatsu Large Plate No.10
    Yoshihisa Ishii's Korean Karatsu Large Plate No.9
    Karatsu tea bowl No.1 by Yoshihisa Ishii
    Brushed free cup by Kazusuke Fukuda
    Kazusuke Fukuda's Brushed Round Sake Cup 2
    Mishima Karatsu bowl by Shuichi Okamoto
    Madara Karatsu Muko-zuke (set of five) by the 14th generation Nakazato Tarouemon No.10
    Black Karatsu diamond pattern small bowl by Shuichi Okamoto
    Blue and white porcelain vase by Kenta Nakazato
    Karatsu Nanban Tokkuri by Taki Nakazato
    Masahiro Takehana's work, white porcelain 6-inch flower bowl No.8
    Masahiro Takehana's Tenkawa tea bowl No.24
    Masahiro Takehana's Tenkawa sake cup No.16
    A high-rise sake cup by Shintaro Uchimura
    Ido Tokkuri by Shintaro Uchimura
    Brushed sake bottle by Munehiko Maruta
    Madara Karatsu Sake Bottle by Munehiko Maruta
    Korean Karatsu Arhat Plate by Munehiko Maruta
    Karatsu Ido tea bowl by Munehiko Maruta
    Karatsu Black Korean Pepper by Sakurei Okamoto
    White porcelain vase No.11 by Naoto Yano
    Mishima square plate by Kota Tanaka
    Hizen Komainu (middle) by Kota Tanaka
    Nakazato Tarouemon Kiln Karatsu Mishima Teacup
    Nakazato Taroemon Kiln Korean Karatsu Tea Bowl
    White porcelain cup by Shingo Oka
    White porcelain high-footed small bowl by Shingo Oka