Naoto YanoYano Naoto

  • ギャラリー一番館
  • 陶歴・プロフィール
  • [Introduction from gallery]

    Naoto Yano is one of the young Karatsu artists who is currently attracting the most attention. Despite being a young artist born in 1976, he creates a variety of works that are reminiscent of Momoyama's old Karatsu, such as Korean Karatsu flower vases, picture Karatsu and black Karatsu vases, skin whales, mottled Karatsu sake cups, and tableware.

    It can't be said that he started making ceramics at the age of 30 for a long time, but he originally spent a total of five years in the United States following a one-year exchange program in high school, where he learned oil painting and other arts before starting his artistic career. It may be said that it did. After studying painting and returning to Japan, he was captivated by an old Karatsu tea bowl that he happened to come across. I was drawn to the charm of Karatsu ware, which was different from the Karatsu ware that I had only imagined until then, and decided to become a potter.

    He learned the basics of pottery from scratch at a pottery school in Arita, actively participated in local Kokaratsu research groups, and studied steadily while asking for guidance from senior artists. His father was also a potter, but he did not train under his father for many years, and never apprenticed to another artist. As a self-taught artist, he started making pottery freely without being bound by a certain framework.

    One generation above Mr. Yano and other writers in their 30s. In contrast to the avant-garde and new direction of Karatsu by artists who are now called mid-career artists, Muan Nakazato's first generation Karatsu, Oian, Shigetoshi, Takashi, etc. are the second generation. It seems that the style is returning to . Of course, since Muan Nakazato, the techniques of all Karatsu generations are being consolidated, so Mr. Yano has adopted the techniques of many senior artists and has his own way of digesting them. It seems It can be seen that this work uses that artist's technique, but it is Mr. Yano's karatsu that is suitable for the present age, and is different from a mere imitation. His works are diverse, including rough Chosen Karatsu, delicate mottled Yamase Karatsu, and chamfered black Karatsu pots reminiscent of the Joseon Dynasty.

    On the first day of the solo exhibition, many people line up to select Yano's work. I feel that this is also proof that Karatsu can be made to meet the tastes of modern people. He is a writer whose growth can be expected still further, and a writer with a wide range of receptacles. I look forward to his future success.

    [Ceramic history]

    • 1976 Born in Karatsu City
    • 1994 Studied in America for 5 years
    • 2002 Graduated from Saga Prefectural Arita College of Ceramics
    • 2003 Part-time lecturer at Saga Prefectural Arita College of Ceramics
    • 2004 Started making pottery at his home, Tonoyama Kiln (Nagoya, Chinzei-cho, Karatsu City)
    • 2008 Made pottery for 6 months in Ulsan, South Korea
    • 2011 "Naoto Yano, Kentaro Murayama, New Artists from Karatsu" at GALLERY Ichibankan (Fukuoka)
    • 2012 Solo exhibition at GALLERY Ichibankan (Fukuoka)
    • 2012 Solo exhibition at GALERIE AZUR Ichibankan Tokyo store

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  • 【プロフィール】
    生年 1976年
    窯元 殿山窯

    1976 唐津市に生まれる
    1994 5年間アメリカ留学
    2002 佐賀県立有田窯業大学校卒業
    2003 佐賀県立有田窯業大学校嘱託講師
    2004 自宅 殿山窯(唐津市鎮西町名古屋)にて作陶始める
    2008 韓国 蔚山にて6ヶ月作陶
    2011 GALLERY一番館(福岡)にて「矢野直人 村山健太郎 唐津の新鋭 二人展」
    2012 GALLERY一番館(福岡)にて個展
    2012 GALERIE AZUR 一番館東京店にて個展