Shintaro UchimuraShintaro Uchimura

  • ギャラリー一番館
  • 陶歴・プロフィール
  • [Ceramic history]

    • 1975 Born in Kurino Town (currently Yusui Town) at the foot of Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture
    • 1995 After graduating from Kagoshima National College of Technology, started working as a bridge designer, but was fascinated by old pottery and entered the path of pottery.
    • 2002 Became independent as Karatsu Pottery Studio Raizanbo
    • 2008 Moved the studio and opened Sankyo kiln

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  • 【プロフィール】
    生年 1975年
    窯元 山居窯

    1975 鹿児島県霧島山麓栗野町(現湧水町)にて生まれる
    1995 国立鹿児島工業高等専門学校卒業後、橋梁設計の仕事をはじめるが、古陶に心惹かれやきものの道へ入る
    2002 唐津焼工房・雷山房として独立
    2008 工房を移し、山居窯開窯