Sakurei OkamotoSakurei Okamoto

  • ギャラリー一番館
  • 陶歴・プロフィール
  • [Introduction from gallery]
    Sakurei Okamoto, who has a climbing kiln on the slopes of Mt. It goes without saying that no two artists are the same, but Sakurei Okamoto is an artist whose unique atmosphere can be felt from his works.

    Although he was influenced by the works of Ko-Karatsu, he had his own way of thinking that ``The pottery called Ko-Karatsu was a very innovative and new pottery 400 years ago.'' It is a little different from the interpretation of pottery that has been handed down until now. In order to create a new and innovative Karatsu in the present age, he spends much of his production time collecting the clay that is the raw material, the feldspar that is the raw material for the glaze, and the chopping of the firewood that is used for firing. By sticking to the parts that are difficult to see, a unique atmosphere is created, and I think that the skill of the potter's wheel, which he cultivated during his apprenticeship, creates glossy pottery.

    His paintings are also highly regarded, and although they are simple and rustic, they reflect the sense of balance that is typical of old Karatsu paintings. Materials, potter's wheel, painting, glaze, firing, and so on, all of which are logical and separate methods are used. His consistent style can also be seen in his works.

    His current creed in craftsmanship is to "aim for Karatsu ware made entirely from materials from around Mt. Sakurei." Drawing out the characteristics and indigenousness of the materials unique to Karatsu, and firing a new Karatsu that has never existed in the past.

    The casualness of the ware that he likes, this is a peculiar sense of Karatsu. will continue to

    [Ceramic history]

    • 1958 Born in Karatsu
    • 1976 Graduated from Karatsu Higashi High School
    • 1978 Trained at Karatsu ware pottery
    • 1989 Built kiln at current location
    • 1998 Solo exhibition at Chiba Mitsukoshi
    • 1999 Learned the technique of part de verre at Notojima Glass Studio in Ishikawa Prefecture
    • 2006 Solo exhibition at Saga Tamaya
    • 2008 Solo exhibition at Nomura Museum of Art, Kyoto
    • 2012 Solo exhibition at Fukuoka Gallery Ichibankan

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  • 【陶歴】

    1958 唐津市生まれ
    1976 唐津東高校卒業
    1978 唐津焼窯元で修業
    1989 現在地に築窯
    1998 千葉三越で個展
    1999 石川県の能登島ガラス工房でパート・ド・ヴェールの技法を習得
    2006 佐賀玉屋で個展
    2008 京都・野村美術館で個展
    2012 福岡 GALLERY一番館で個展