Taki NakazatoTaki Nakazato

  • ギャラリー一番館
  • 陶歴・プロフィール
  • [Introduction from gallery]

    The theme of Taki Nakazato's pottery creation is that there is a kind of Karatsu ware that modern people want.
    Unlike many Karatsu ceramists, he does not look to 'Old Karatsu' as a model. The theme is something that is easy to use and comfortable, and a vessel for everyday use, rather than a work that is intended for "appreciation".

    His tableware on the dining table is neat and does not interfere with other tableware. People who often see his work at exhibitions, especially those who see it for the first time, often comment that it's "too beautiful" or "it's a little more interesting", but he says that he always considers the combination with other things. I think we tend to overlook that.

    If some decorations were added to his work and the color tone became more flashy, would he really choose that vessel for the dining table? The dining table will not only be made of ceramics, but also lacquered and dyed porcelain. Considering the overall balance, you can understand the aesthetics of his works. I think many people have seen his pottery at Ryuta Kiln. Many people have probably seen comments in magazines, etc., such as, "The potter's wheel is extremely fast, and the works are completed one after another." However, when I went to Ryuta Kiln for the first time and saw the pottery being made, I had a stronger impression that the process was slow and careful rather than quick. It was a potter's wheel that conveyed the spirit of Mr. Ishikawa for a single tea cup.

    Like his father, Takashi, he holds numerous solo exhibitions throughout the country throughout the year, but his stance of producing contemporary Karatsu pottery is consistent. It makes us realize once again how enjoying a vessel and its vessel enriches a person's lifestyle. Taki Nakazato's approach to making modern pottery has great potential.

    [Ceramic history]

    • 1965 Born in Karatsu as the eldest son of Takashi Nakazato.
    • 1988 Started pottery under his father.
    • 1993 Takashi Nakazato and Sanjuro Oku exhibited at the Kakiden Gallery.
    • 1994 Participated in the Father and Son Exhibition at Miyuki Manyodou.
    • 1995 Solo exhibition at Isetan Shinjuku store. Since then, he has held solo exhibitions in various places.

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  • 【プロフィール】
    生年 1937年
    師匠 人間国宝中里無庵
    窯元 隆太窯

    1937 人間国宝中里無庵の五男として唐津に生まれる
    1961 第十回現代日本陶芸展にて、陶彫「双魚」第一席受賞
    1967 世界各国を一年間旅行
    1971 小山富士夫氏の推薦により種子島にて築窯
    1974 唐津に帰り、唐津市見借に築窯
    現在 唐津とコロラド(アメリカ)のアトリエを中心にデンマークなど