14th Nakazato TaroemonTarouemon Nakazato XIV

  • ギャラリー一番館
  • 陶歴・プロフィール
  • [Introduction from gallery]

    His grandfather was Muan Nakazato, a Living National Treasure who revived old Karatsu in the Momoyama period. Since his succession to the name in 2002, he has produced works such as scraping using Chinese techniques that were not found in Karatsu, along with traditional well tea bowls and jars handed down by the Nakazato family.

    The 14th generation's originality has been added, going one step further from the copy of Chinese Song Dynasty vases in the colors and details, such as the highly sculptural work ``Karatsu green glaze white background scraping bottle''. On the other hand, one of the features is the elegant style of the traditional Ido tea bowls, which is reminiscent of the tea bowls of Komuan.

    In recent years, there is a wide variety of clay and glaze, and various materials are used to create works with expressions that have never been seen in Karatsu ware.

    [Ceramic history]
    • 1957 Born as the eldest son of the 13th Nakazato Taroemon Real name: Tadahiro
    • 1979 Graduated from Department of Sculpture, Faculty of Art and Design, Musashino Art University
    • 1981 Graduated from the same university graduate school
    • 1983 Started making pottery at Taroemon Nakazato Studio
    • 1984 Selected for the Nitten Exhibition for the first time with "Kairyoku", a hand-painted blue karatsu pot
    • 1990 Received a special award at the 22nd Nitten Exhibition Became a founding member of the Japan Koshokai (Nikkokai)
    • 1991 Became a councilor of the Nikkokai
    • 1992 Became a member of the Saga Ceramic Art Association
    • 2000 Received the Minister of Education Award at the 5th Asian Crafts Exhibition
    • 2002 Succeeded to the 14th Taroemon Nakazato

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  • 【陶歴】
    1957 十三代中里太郎右衛門の長男に生まれる 本名:忠寛
    1979 武蔵野美術大学造形学部彫刻学科卒業
    1981 同大学大学院卒業
    1983 中里太郎右衛門陶房にて作陶をはじめる
    1984 叩き青唐津手付壷「貝緑」にて、日展初入選
    1990 第22回日展にて特選受賞 日本工匠会(日工会)創立会員となる
    1991 日工会評議員となる
    1992 佐賀県陶芸協会会員となる
    2000 第5回アジア工芸展にて文部大臣賞受賞
    2002 十四代中里太郎右衛門を襲名する