Shingo OkaShingo Oka

  • ギャラリー一番館
  • 陶歴・プロフィール
  • Shingo Oka was originally not a Karatsu ware artist, but instead created Arita ware. He also worked on replicas of Vietnamese Annam ware, a style rarely seen among other Japanese ceramic artists.
    Annan ware is a soft porcelain that is a cross between pottery and porcelain, and is incorporated as something that is similar to the white porcelain of Karatsu ware.

    The trajectory of ceramics

    Originally from Sasebo City, he worked at various kilns before going independent in Arita in 1993. Since then, he has focused on Karatsu ware and added a warm style to his work, and has become a very popular artist, holding numerous exhibitions in Tokyo and elsewhere. Ichibankan has been handling his work for around 20 years, and he is one of the artists we hope to continue collaborating with in various ways in the future.

    Fusion of technology and sense

    Among Karatsu ware, his works have a unique presence that adds color to the dining table. His works are characterized by a sense of bringing out the beauty of ingredients and cooking, and their uniqueness is appealing to many people. Due to their uniqueness, some ingenuity may be required to use them as everyday tableware. On the other hand, these works are also highly regarded as art, and their artistry is praised.

    Although he is originally from Arita ware, he has also focused on Karatsu ware and has developed his own unique style. His works incorporate traditional techniques such as akae, but also have a unique approach. It is not just his sense that is supported by the solid techniques he has cultivated over his 30-year career.

    A breath of fresh air from an artist

    " 224porcelain " collaborates with Shingo Oka at a pottery studio in Ureshino, and continues to take on new challenges through cooperation and supervision with potteries, such as working on a series supervised by Shingo Oka for the brand " Arita Porcelain Lab ."

    His works are not only sophisticated art but also practical. He holds exhibitions mainly in Tokyo, and his works are also widely loved through the internet.

    The Charm of Shingo Oka

    Shinichiro Ogata and Shingo Oka, the world-renowned designers who produce "SIMPLICITY", are best friends, and the friendship between one of Japan's leading ceramic artists and one of the world-renowned designers has deepened as a bond between artists who understand culture.
    His talent and sense are said to have the potential to make him a world-class artist, and Ogata also highly values ​​Oka's reputation as a ceramic artist and his humanity, and the two men have a mutual respect for each other.

    Although Mr. Oka's works are notable for their sharpness, he is a very easy-going person who lives an unadorned life. He is a very considerate and kind person who often participates in events hosted by Ichibankan owner Sakamoto, and he also loves alcohol. He is one of the artists with whom we would like to continue building a strong partnership in the future.

  • 【profile】
    Born: 1958
    Pottery Tenpyo Kiln

    [Ceramics history]

    Born in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture in 1958
    1981: Saga Prefectural Ceramic Research Institute Design Department Painting Department Training
    1982-1992 Worked at various Hizen kilns
    1993: Became independent in Nishiarita
    2009: Moved to Hamatama-cho, Karatsu City and built Tenpyo Kiln