Mito RuiRui Mitou

  • ギャラリー一番館
  • 陶歴・プロフィール
  • [Introduction from gallery]

    Mr. Tai who used to be a company employee. At first, he was fascinated by ``Shino tea bowls,'' but as he studied pottery from various places, he met his master, Kiyomi Kawakami, and fell in love with the charm of Karatsu ware. Karatsu ware has various expressions depending on how it is baked. In order to convey the thoughts I put into my work, I always create an image of the work in my head. Also, I'm starting from looking for soil, hoping that my work will energize me with my feelings.

    Company employee and Karatsu ware. At first glance, it's a different world, but it seems to be the same for Rui when it comes to interacting with people. Through my work, I work hard every day to connect with people who use it. The strength of the core that does not waver from his beliefs is very impressive.

    [Ceramic history]

    • 1978 Born in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
    • 2006 Graduated from Arita Ceramics University, Saga Prefecture
    • Studied under Kiyomi Kawakami in Karatsu
    • 2009 Independent kiln built in Karatsu City

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  • 【陶歴】

    1978 福岡県福岡市に生まれる
    2006 佐賀県有田窯業大学ロクロ科卒業
    唐津 川上清美氏に師事
    2009 唐津市に築窯 独立