Karatsu Yakimon Club (June 21, 2024)

 Hello everyone.

 The rainy season has finally arrived in northern Kyushu.
I guess I'll just have to get along with the rain for a while,
The last thing we want to do is avoid flooding. Despite the rain, many visitors have been coming every day to Yoshihisa Ishii's first exhibition at Yoshihisa Kiln.

Thanks to Professor Ishii's good character, many leading professors from Karatsu have come to the event, and it seems that he is highly regarded by everyone.
We are also introducing several works from the First Kiln Exhibition on the Ichibankan Online Store this week. Also, starting this week, we have opened the Ichibankan official LINE account,
If you haven't registered yet, please register using this QR code or link. You will also receive bonus points. So everyone, be careful of the rain and have a great weekend.
Owner of Ichibankan Naoki Sakamoto

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