Collaborative exhibition by Taroemon Nakazato and Keita Suzuki “Utility and Beauty: Learning from the past and new in Karatsu ware and design”

Date: April 28th (Friday) to May 7th (Sunday), 2023 10:00-18:00
Location: GALLERY Ichibankan

Tarouemon Nakazato Dates in the gallery: April 28th and 29th, May 3rd and 5th (*28th and 5th only in the afternoon)
Keita Suzuki Dates in the gallery: April 28th and 29th

ONLINE solo exhibition : April 28th (Fri) 12:00~
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Mr. Taroemon, the 14th generation of the pottery studio, has the concept that the work he makes is completed by the user using it, and expresses it as "8 minutes for the creator, 2 minutes for the user." . On the other hand, Mr. Suzuki has worked on product design that pursues functionality and aesthetics, and has created daily necessities that are loved by people all over the world.
This exhibition is held in the hope that the different methods and philosophies of both artists will resonate, creating dialogue between ceramic works and product design, and creating new values ​​and sensibilities.

Fusion of use and beauty common to things that continue to be loved over time. Please take a look at their warm learning from the past.