Sozan Kaneshige Hidasuki teacup


Sozan Kaneshige Hidasuki teacup

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1909 Born in Imbe, Bizen City as the third son of Shinzaburo Kaneshige, a Bizen ware potter.
1927 18 years old Worked as an assistant to his older brother, Toyo Kaneshige, in filling and firing the kiln.
1951 42 years old Leaves Toyo Kiln and works at Hanameizan Kiln in Kameoka, Kyoto, Oomoto Headquarters.
1952 At the age of 43, built Kameizan kiln.
1959 50 years old Served at Tsuruyama Kiln in Ayabe, Kyoto, Omoto Headquarters.
1961 52 years old Built Tsuruyama kiln and fired his first kiln.
1963 54 years old Built a climbing kiln in Maruyama, Okayama City.
1965 56 years old Held the "First Kiln Exhibition" at Okayama Tenmaya.
Invented Momoyama-style hidasuki firing using an electric kiln.
1966 Age 57 Completed Momoyama-style hidasuki with electric kiln firing.
1967 58 years old Held a pottery exhibition with only Hidasuki at Tsubonakai, Tokyo.
1970 61 years old Held the Sozan Kaneshige Pottery Exhibition at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi.
1972 63 years old Prince Mikasa visits Maruyama Koubou.
Held the “Kaneshige Sozan Pottery Exhibition” at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi.
1974 Received the Sanyo Shimbun Cultural Award at the age of 65.
1975 66 years old Selected and invited to submit to the 3rd Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition.
1978 69 years old Held the "Kaneshige Sozan Exhibition" at Okayama Tenmaya.
1979 70 years old Selected and invited to submit to the 5th Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition.
1980 71 years old Invited to submit to the 100 Selections of Contemporary Japanese Ceramics Exhibition.
1982 73 years old Built Ushigamishita kiln next to the Nandai kiln ruins (Momoyama period) in his hometown of Inbe.
1983 74 years old Designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Okayama Prefecture.
1984 75 years old "Bizen Kaneshige Sozan Exhibition" was held at Takashimaya in Osaka and Matsuzakaya in Nagoya.
1988 79 years old Held the "Kaneshige Sozan Exhibition" at Okayama Tenmaya.
1990 81 years old Held the "Kasa Kotobuki Sozan Kaneshige Exhibition" at Nagoya Matsuzakaya and Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi.
1991 82 years old "Tea Bowl Exhibition" held at Okayama Tenmaya. Received the Okayama Prefectural Cultural Award.
Received the 4th Order of the Rising Sun, Small Order of the Rising Sun.
1995 Died at the age of 86.

Dimensions: Diameter 6.6cm Height 9.0cm
Box: Shared box

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